Progress in Fuel Cell Systems Bruges

Date: May 29-30 2018
Location: Bruges, Belgium

Brief Overview of the workshop:
The current workshop will be the eleventh in the series that started off with the LargeSOFC project in 2008.
As usual we are looking at fuel cell systems – somewhat with an emphasis on solid oxide, other high temperature technology, and stationary applications – but not exclusively so. As time goes by,
interests broaden and in the past we have also had MCFC and PEFC technology on board, including SOFC applications for aircraft.

Nevertheless, the common theme is fuel cell systems and their components. One of the main reasons being that involvement of companies manufacturing and delivering system Balance of Plant is low in the fuel cell scene and we want to offer a platform for exchanging information and experiences between the system integrators, operators, and BoP suppliers.

The 2018 workshop will especially invite the following topics:
– high temperature electrolysis and reversible SOFC,
– co-electrolysis and synthetic fuels,
– SOFC system scale-up, and
– fuel cell system components.

But as usual, the workshop is also open to any other interesting topics around fuel cell systems, balance of plant, market introduction etc.

Again, the workshop will be part of our activities in EERA, the European Energy Research Area, that is trying to establish a low TRL research programme to underpin the activities of the FCH JU on a European scale.
The reversible SOFC session will be hosted by the EU project BALANCE.

For more information click here or visit the website of the event.