The Coordination Group of Vice-Chairs is appointed by the General Assembly to support the Executive Board.

In establishing connection between individual working groups’ activities, the Vice-Chair works jointly with the respective Executive Board member (Transport Chair, Energy Chair, Cross-Cutting Research Activities Chair). The respective Board Member and his attributed/ assigned Vice-Chair cannot be members of the same organization.

The key responsibilities of Vice-Chairs include:
• Coordinate members´ input in FCH JU
• To advocate the interests of Association at all levels in related activities
• Coordinate definition and amendments of the Multi-Annual Working Plan 2014-2020 (MAWP) and Annual Working Plans (AWPs).
• Support the respective Chair in any other external tasks, such as links with other relevant platforms and technologies
• Report regularly to the Executive Board on the progress of the work

The Executive Board and the Vice-chairs meet in person with possible use of electronic communications on the regular basis during the year.


Fernando Palacín
Vice-Chair for External Affairs
Aragon Hydrogen Foundation / Spain


Cesare Pianese
Vice-Chair for Energy to Fuel Cells
University of Salerno / Italy


Luigi Crema
Vice-Chair for Energy to Hydrogen
FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) / Italy


Thierry Priem
Vice-Chair for Transport
CEA / France


javier-dufour-webJavier Dufour
Vice-Chair for Cross-Cutting Research Activities