Solid State Hydrogen Storage

In the frame of N.ERGHY activities, a thematic working group (WG) on Solid State Hydrogen Storage (SSHS) has been developed.

The goals of the WG are the following:

  • Promote the studies on Solid State Hydrogen Storage inside FCH-JU, in particular with respect to the interests of the Industrial Group (IG)
  • Exchange of information on calls and financial opportunities in the frame of the activities of the FCH-JU and, in general, of the European Community (EC)
  • Coordinate interactions of N.ERGHY with IG on the solid state hydrogen storage
  • Stimulate project proposals and scientific activities in N.ERGHY on the solid state hydrogen storage
At the moment, 15 members of N.ERGHY plus a EC laboratory participate to the activities of the WG. Any other member of N.ERGHY interested in the activities of the WG is welcome to join the group.

Contact: Marcello Baricco, Università di Torino

Members from the follwoing institutions are part of the WG on Solid State Hydrogen Storage:
02. CEA
03. CNRS
04. DLR
05. ECN
06. EMPA
07. ENEA
08. HZG
09. IFE
11. KIT
14. VTT
15. WaRE

This pdf contains a short introduction to each of the above mentioned SSHS Working Group members.