One Day Workshop on Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control for Fuel Cells

Improving fuel cells performance through innovative diagnosis and control

4 July 2017 – Lucerne (CH)

KKL – European Fuel Cell Forum 2017

The workshop presents the current status and the most recent advancements concerning research on monitoring, diagnostics and control of both PEMFC and SOFC systems. It is jointly organized by the projects DIAMOND and HEALTH-CODE.

The workshop gathers engineers and researchers from industry, academia and research institutions interested in the most recent advancements on monitoring, diagnostics and control tools. A comprehensive overview and the exploitation potential of the projects results are offered to the interested stakeholders and users at various academia, industry and research levels. Emphasis is given to methodological approaches for monitoring and diagnostics that can help achieving reliable performance of both stacks and BoP components. Control techniques, along with their applications for SOFC performance optimization, are also presented.

The program will start with an overview of the projects; then, main results will be reported on the experimental activity and on various approaches for monitoring, diagnostics and advanced control. The work of more that 40 scientists and engineers from 14 teams will be presented aiming at drafting a coherent scenario for the effective development of monitoring, control and diagnostic methodologies to improve performance and durability of fuel cells. Guests from industry will bring their knowledge, expertise and perspectives. At the end, an open discussion among the attendants will be set to share experience and draft future paths towards FC improvements via advanced diagnostics and control.

Registration is free of charge; coffee, beverages and lunch will be offered to all guests.