IFE – Institutt for energiteknikk

IFE is an international research institute for energy and nuclear technology wiht nearly 600 employees. The reseach and development activities are within nuclear technology and to develop more climate friendly energy systems based on renewalbe and CO2-free energy sources.



Institute of Energy Technology
P.O.Box 40
2027 Kjeller

Contact person

Dr. Julien Meyer julien.meyer@ife.no



Website : http://www.ife.no/en

Type of organization : Research Institute

Number of professional staff active in FCH sector : 15

Participation in FCH JU Projects : SSH2S, BOR4STORE


Our expertise

Transport Pillar

  • 1.02 Non road vehicles (including materials handling) applications
  • 1.04 Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure (HRS)
  • 1.07 System integration
  • 1.08 On-board Hydrogen Storage
  • 1.09 Demonstration
  • 1.10 Modelling
  • 1.12 Materials Synthesis, Design and Manufacturing from components to systems

Energy Pillar / Energy to Hydrogen

  • 2.01 Hydrogen production
  • 2.02 Hydrogen Storage
  • 2.11 Characterisation and testing

Energy Pillar / Fuel Cells to Energy

  • 3.10 Modelling

Cross-Cutting Research Activities

  • 4.10 Support (to public authorities, polica makers and Society)