IK4 is an alliance of nine independent and private research centres located in the Basque Country. Its mission is the generation, uptake and transfer of scientific-technological knowledge, with the aim of contributing to the improved competitiveness of our customers by means of technological innovation. More than 1400 people, mostly highly-qualified researchers, are employed by the centres that make up IK4. In 2016, the Alliance’s centres jointly invoiced 114.6 M€, of which 56% originated from privately financed contract R&D. In H2020 IK4’s centres take part 127 running European R&D projects, leading 32, with a total Commission’s funding of 58 M€, and strongly contribute to the increased participation of Basque and Spanish industry in H2020.



IK4 Research Alliance
Polígono Azitain 3K 2ºG
20600 EIBAR (Gipuzkoa)

Contact person

Eva Gutiérrez eva.gutierrez@tekniker.es



Website : http://www.ik4.es/en/

Type of organization : Research Institute

Number of professional staff active in FCH sector :

Participation in FCH JU Projects : ARTEMIS, DemSTack, EURECA, COBRA , STACKTEST, SHEL


Our expertise

Transport Pillar

  • 1.01 Road vehicles applications
  • 1.05 Stack components
  • 1.06 System (BoP) components
  • 1.07 System integration
  • 1.09 Demonstration
  • 1.11 Characterisation and testing
  • 1.12 Materials Synthesis, Design and Manufacturing from components to systems

Energy Pillar / Energy to Hydrogen

  • 2.01 Hydrogen production
  • 2.04 Smart buildings and communities
  • 2.05 Smart cities
  • 2.07 Stack components
  • 2.11 Characterisation and testing
  • 2.12 Design and manufacturing

Energy Pillar / Fuel Cells to Energy

  • 3.03 Back-Up Power Systems
  • 3.09 Manufacturing Technologies
  • 3.10 Modelling
  • 3.11 Characterisation and testing

Cross-Cutting Research Activities

  • 4.01 Education
  • 4.04 Communication and Public Awareness
  • 4.06 Market and Technology Monitoring

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