KTH –Royal Institute of Technology

KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, is a technical university with education and research. KTH has about 12 000 students and 3 000 employees and there are about 1 500 active post-graduate students. In the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology a large part of the research includes energy-related aspects, research in the lab of Applied Electrochemistry is directed towards electrolytic processes and electrochemical power sources (fuel cells and batteries) within the field of electrochemical engineering.



KTH School of Chemical Science and Engineering
Teknikringen 42
SE-100 44 Stockholm

Contact person

Dr. Carina Lagergren carina.lagergren@ket.kth.se



Website : https://www.kth.se/en

Type of organization : University

Number of professional staff active in FCH sector : 20

Participation in FCH JU Projects :


Our expertise

Transport Pillar

  • 1.01 Road vehicles applications
  • 1.03 Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
  • 1.05 Stack components
  • 1.10 Modelling
  • 1.11 Characterisation and testing

Energy Pillar / Energy to Hydrogen

  • 2.01 Hydrogen production
  • 2.10 Modelling
  • 2.11 Characterisation and testing

Energy Pillar / Fuel Cells to Energy

  • 3.10 Modelling
  • 3.11 Characterisation and testing

Cross-Cutting Research Activities

  • 4.01 Education

More info on our expertise