UCT Prague (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague) – VŠCHT (Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze)

The University of Chemistry and Technology (UCT), Prague is the largest educational institution of its kind in Central Europe. Its tradition of almost 200 years combined with progressive fields of study and research allows together with a good international repute every student to get in touch with advanced technologies and make use of foreign student exchanges. It offers a prospect of a prestigious and highly remunerative professional career both in the Czech Republic and abroad.



UCT Prague
Technicka 5
16628 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Contact person

Dr. Karel Bouzek karel.bouzek@vscht.cz



Website : http://www.vscht.cz/?jazyk=en

Type of organization : University

Number of professional staff active in FCH sector : 10

Participation in FCH JU Projects : DEMMEA, DEMSTACK, CISTEM


Our expertise

Transport Pillar

  • 1.04 Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure (HRS)
  • 1.05 Stack components
  • 1.10 Modelling
  • 1.11 Characterisation and testing

Energy Pillar / Energy to Hydrogen

  • 2.01 Hydrogen production
  • 2.06 Smart grids
  • 2.07 Stack components
  • 2.10 Modelling

Energy Pillar / Fuel Cells to Energy

  • 3.10 Modelling
  • 3.11 Characterisation and testing

Cross-Cutting Research Activities

  • 4.01 Education
  • 4.04 Communication and Public Awareness

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