University of the Basque Country

The University of the Basque Country is a teaching and research institution emplying over 7,000 people in 31 faculties and schools. The main activities related to the hydrogen research line are focused on several production technologies for (bio) hydrogen production from different feed-stocks: fossil fuel resources like natural gas and renewable resources like biomass, bio-oils, bio-alcohols, biogas and others.



University of Basque Country
Alameda Urquijo, s/n
48013 Bilbao

Contact person

Dr. Victoria Laura Barrio



Website :

Type of organization : University

Number of professional staff active in FCH sector : 30

Participation in FCH JU Projects :


Our expertise

Energy Pillar / Energy to Hydrogen

  • 2.01 Hydrogen production
  • 2.02 Hydrogen Storage
  • 2.06 Smart grids
  • 2.10 Modelling
  • 2.12 Design and manufacturing

Cross-Cutting Research Activities

  • 4.01 Education
  • 4.02 Recycling
  • 4.03 Safety
  • 4.07 Pre-Normative Research
  • 4.08 Regulations, Codes and Standards
  • 4.09 Techno-, socio- and economic analysis

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